Founded in 2011 by two brothers, Rafa Rodriguez and Pablo Rodriguez, Futsal Escola is a year-round Brazilian Futsal School proving Futsal training and competition to enhance the development of each player and allow adults to enjoy the game. The siblings born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil began their coaching careers after playing collegiate soccer in the United States.

With an extensive background in Futsal, the brothers decided a Futsal School would provide the missing component players were missing in the United States, technical development.





Every Winter Season (off season for most players) you can hear parents commenting on how much better their kids have gotten by playing indoor. We are here to provide that kind of development, YEAR-ROUND.

During Fall & Spring, our staff focuses on training player to perform on the outdoor field as that is their primary objective. During the Summer and Winter, we focus strictly on developing the all around Futsal Player and preparing them to compete in Futsal Tournaments and National Events.

We are not here to replace your outdoor team nor compete with them, we are here to provide ADDITIONAL training for those interested in furthering their development!

If you are interested in opening a class in your facility, send us a message!



These are the most traditional formats. 2:2 for the Black Team and 3:1 for the Read Team. Due to the small space, players must consistently alternate positions in order to create space for themselves and for their teammates. The fast-pace game triggers players to always be prepared for the next move. Your decision has immediate consequences - for good & bad!

Screen Shot 2018-09-30 at 4.21.28 PM.png


This is one of the formations most teams use who currently play 7v7. As you can see inside the yellow and blue squares, part of the 7v7 formation resembles the traditional FUTSAL format.

Since soccer is played on grass, it is MUCH slower than FUTSAL, making the game of soccer easier for our futsal players, as they trained to be one step ahead, at all times. Using FUTSAL as our primary focus gives us the edge no other club currently has.